Individual Support

If any of our credit allies have credit selections for you, the information will appear on your credible dashboard within minutes of submitting the request. CredibleBH also notifies you of your rights by email, telephone, or SMS.

We will not interact until we have received responses from all potential lenders. There is no guarantee that you will get pre-qualified titles. However, each of our credit associates uses their own criteria to determine if you qualify for a pre-qualified interest rate based on the information given.

Also, an authorized personal credit counseling service for the customer with relevant documents. At CredibleBH, the student gets prequalified standards from creditors if you meet their criteria. And don’t forget that adding a co-debtor with credit can increase your prospects of being approved by a lender and help you get a lower interest rate.

The prequalified prices for your CredibleBH Login dashboard are not extension offers. By advising on your profile, you are assessing the probabilities of our credit partners. After choosing the option you want to follow, you will be asked to provide additional notice.

At that time, the lender will evaluate the application against specific criteria and perform a precise credit check to establish your agreement for your loan product. If your authorization is confirmed at, you will entertain with an offer.

If you still like what you see, you can continue with the offer and present the lender with the demanded documents. When everything is in order, you can sign a promissory note and the lender will tell how and when the funds will be paid with the procedure at

We work with a variety of legitimate lenders to grant you with a wide range of options to meet the relevant needs. Our partner moneylenders offer student loan refinance products for individual, state, and parent PLUS loans as per the profile.